About Us

Tub Town Brewing

Your friendly neighborhood brewery. We are family owned & operated and provide a warm and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy our beer and seltzers on tap, as well as tavern pizza and pretzels made from scratch. Our locally sourced menu also includes a variety of panini sandwiches, sausage rolls, charcuterie boards, chips and fresh salsa with queso. Our bar area also serves local wine and cocktails made with local spirits. We are family-friendly – please visit, bring your friends and family, and feel free to stay for a while.

Established in 2020.

For close to a decade, two brothers have been brewing beer together out of a garage. They enjoyed the process and loved the beer, so they decided to share their passion for excellent craft beer and delicious food with their hometown and all who travel through. In 2020, their families dove in and have been working ever since to create a place where all will feel at home, enjoy great beer and food, and have a place to be together with the ones they love. Your hometown brewery highlights the best of "Tub Town" with local history on the walls, local food and beverage on your table, and local craftsmanship in every detail. Come on in, have a seat, we got you.